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Sponsor Support

Collaboration with Daiwa Securities Group

The asset manager, Daiwa Real Estate Office Management (Daiwa RE), and Daiwa Securities Group concluded a Sponsor Support Agreement on June 17, 2009. In this Sponsor Support Agreement, Daiwa Securities Group will provide Daiwa RE and Daiwa Office Investment Corporation (Daiwa Office) with valuable information on properties as well as on the operations of Daiwa RE to continue a stable growth of Daiwa Office. Daiwa Securities Group Inc. has also agreed to cooperate in securing human resources for Daiwa RE.

(1)Sourcing of properties using the information network of the Daiwa Securities Group

(2)Cooperation in providing personnel in line with the growth of Daiwa Office and Daiwa RE

Positive Effects from Series of Measures

Strengthened Our Management Base

Overview of Daiwa Securities Group Inc.

Daiwa Securities Group Inc. is a holding company with subsidiaries whose core operations are retail, wholesale, investment and asset management. Daiwa Securities Group has provided comprehensive financial services over the long term through collaboration with Group support operations that support these core operations. Daiwa Securities Group has established operating bases in major financial centers including Japan, U.S., Europe and Asia-Oceania. Through the global expansion of its network, Daiwa Securities Group provides a broad array of services that meets the needs of customers throughout the world seeking to raise capital as well as invest.