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B-607 Daiwa Shinagawa North

Feature of the Property

Daiwa Shinagawa North is located within a 11-minute walk to Shinagawa Station on the JR Lines and 5-minute walk to Kitashinagawa Station on the Keihin Express Line, and a middle-scale office building of rentable area: approx. 6,500㎡. Shinagawa Station is one of the foremost terminals where many passengers on JR East, JR Tokai (Tokaido Shinkansen) and Keihin Express Railway get on and off. Daiwa Shinagawa North located at a quiet area through the skyscrapers like the Shinagawa Grand Commons and the Shinagawa Intercity. Daiwa Shinagawa North of a low-rise building has the large standard floor of more than 250 tsubo.

Property Details

Address 1-8-11 Kita-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Land 2,345.20m2
Construction Steel-reinforced concrete
Number of Floors B1/11F
Use Office / Parking / Store
Total Floor Area 10,200.29m2
Completion July 1991



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