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A-218 Kirin Nihonbashi Building

Feature of the Property

The Property has 7 stories above ground; the total floor area of 7,106.85 m2, about 269 tsubo with 2,700mm of ceiling height for standard floors each with 100mm OA floor and separate air conditioning facilities. The office is L-shaped (regular shape) with a side-core and has no pillars, allowing flexible layout and efficient use.
In addition, the Property has parking for 63 vehicles and thus is able to respond to tenant needs for sales bases that require frequent use of vehicles.
The Property with its functionality at favorable location should continuously perform competitively and contribute to the return of Investment Corporation’s portfolio.

Property Details

Address 2-5 Nihonbashi Koami-cho,Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Land 1,413.80m2
Construction Steel frame, Steel-reinforced concrete
Number of Floors 7F
Use Office / Parking
Total Floor Area 7,106.85m2
Completion February 1999



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