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B-611 Daiwa Ogikubo

Feature of the Property

The property is located a one-minute walk from Ogikubo Station on the JR Chuo/Sobu Lines and Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line. Not only that two lines (JR and subway) available for use, JR Ogikubo Station is only about 11 minutes from Shinjuku Station and about 24 minutes from Tokyo Station. Therefore, the property enjoys excellent transport convenience as it is relatively close to central Tokyo compared to other areas in Tokyo outside the 23 wards. Since both north and south sides of the property are commercially busy areas and the property is very close to Ogikubo Station, it has a strong appeal to companies that offer services to local residents, such as banks, securities companies, cram schools, clinics and residential real estate agencies. Furthermore, having two lines (JR and subway) available, it can also expect demand for a call center and other back-offices from major companies in central Tokyo.

Property Details

Address 5-26-13 OgikuboSuginami-ku, Tokyo
Land 970.53m2
Construction Steel-reinforced concrete
Number of Floors B1/7F
Use Office / Warehouse/Bank/Parking/Lavatory
Total Floor Area 5,116.78m2
Completion November 1990



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