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B-613 Daiwa Shinagawa Gotenyama

Feature of the Property

The Property is a 10-minute walk from Shinagawa Station on the JR Yamanote Line, JR Keihin Tohoku Line and JR Tokaido Line and a 1-minute walk from Kita-Shinagawa Station on the Keikyu Line. The “Kita-Shinagawa” area where the Property is located has a large number of high-rise buildings due to redevelopments and is adjacent to the Shinagawa Port South Exit area, which has developed remarkably as a business area in recent years, and the Osaki area where large-scale office buildings with a high level of equipped facilities are supplied. As for office demand in the “Kita-Shinagawa” area, it is considered that needs for headquarters, branches and business offices in Tokyo from companies developing businesses nationwide and emphasizing wide-area traffic convenience as well as demand for back-offices from companies that have bases in large buildings in both areas can be expected.

Property Details

Address 3-3-5 Kita-ShinagawaShinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Land 602.41m2
Construction Steel-reinforced concrete/Steel frame
Number of Floors 8F
Use Office / Parking
Total Floor Area 2,897.64m2
Completion July 1992



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