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A-514 Daiwa Sasazuka Tower

Feature of the Property

The Property is a 4-minute walk from Sasazuka Station on the Keio Line/Keio New Line.
The location is excellent considering that Sasazuka Station is only five minutes from Shinjuku Station, and from the point of the proximity to the terminal station.
The Sasazuka area where the Property stands has head offices, laboratories, etc. of new IT startups. Being relatively close to Shinjuku, the area is likely to expect demand for back offices from construction-related companies and companies which have head offices in Shinjuku.

Property Details

Address 1-50-1 Sasazuka,Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Land 4,795.26m2
Construction Steel-reinforced concrete/Reinforced concrete/Steel frame
Number of Floors B2/18F
Use Office / Store / Gymnasium / Parking
Total Floor Area 26,527.62m2
Completion February 1993



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