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Internal Growth Strategies

Management Tailored to the Leasing Market

Daiwa Office Investment Corporation (Daiwa Office) constantly monitors the leasing market and aims to enhance tenant satisfaction and to maximize NOI through management tailored to market trends.
Daiwa Office looks for the price gap between market rents and current leasing rents and offers the revised rents if necessary, thereby tries to prevent current tenants from vacating.

Maintain/Improvement Profitability

In order to maintain or improve profitability, Daiwa Office aims to "pursue tenant satisfaction." Specifically, we will implement the below policies, which reflect both service and property aspects, to increase tenant satisfaction, and will prevent current tenants from vacating due to tenant's low satisfaction. In addition Daiwa Office will conduct management of operations with maintaining and enriching the quality of each property in order to acquire new tenants.

Reduce Operational Management Costs

Daiwa Real Estate Office Management (Daiwa RE) will carefully select properties for acquisition while maximizing economies of scale through the promotion of aggressive external growth and efforts to reduce costs by conducting effective management of operations.